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Making lithium extraction quicker, cleaner

Companies are using a new method that can obtain the metal in days or weeks instead of years, with less environmental impact.

Porsche is out to reduce battery-making's carbon footprint

The German luxury sports car maker is developing a new battery that it says will pack more power, charge faster and have a lighter carbon footprint.

EV battery makers would like to move away from cobalt

Cobalt is a critical element in lithium ion batteries. But scarcity, price and human rights concerns have made its elimination critical to the EV transition.

3 reasons radar tops lidar in mass-market AV deployments

Autonomous vehicles outfitted with radar sensors can finally provide active sensing capabilities on a par with their lidar counterparts, and sometimes even better. Here's why.

Austin's need for low-cost housing rises with Tesla

With average annual salaries planned at just less than $50,000 for the assembly-line workers, it's unclear how all those people will be able to afford homes in Texas' capital.

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