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McLaren Automotive plans hybrid conversion by 2025

McLaren is preparing for electrification #8212; but stands by a flat no to SUVs.

Auto subscriptions programs face hurdle in state laws

A subscription ban in Indiana and a California proposal to make automaker subscription programs go through dealers are the first steps taken in what could be a wave of scrutiny over subscription programs in state houses across the country.

Saudi fund also in talks to invest in aspiring Tesla rival Lucid Motors, sources tell Reuters

PIF and Lucid Motors have drawn up a term sheet under which PIF could invest more than $1 billion in Lucid Motors and obtain majority ownership, sources told Reuters.

Elon Musk says changing his way of working not an option

Tesla's CEO sees no option but to keep working at his current relentless pace, no matter the deepening concerns of board members and investors about his health and stability.

VW averts Mexico strike with pay increase

Volkswagen has agreed to a salary increase of nearly 6 percent for workers in Mexico and another raise for next year, the company's Mexican union said, averting a potential strike.