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How Honda's new wind tunnel makes an IndyCar difference

Honda will use its new $124 million wind tunnel in Ohio to test and tweak race cars, including those that run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Valeo says next-gen lidar can enable Level 4

Valeo is developing a third generation of its lidar for debut in 2024 that promises a twelvefold increase in resolution, a tripling of range and a much wider viewing angle.

Hyundai Motor Group breaks from EV pack

Hyundai Motor Group has faced a long road catching up to its Japanese rivals in combustion engine technology. But it's now passing them in the race to be No. 2 behind EV king Tesla.

Japan's automakers see positive signs ahead

Japan's automakers absorbed the challenges of the fiscal year just ended. Despite worries over rising costs, they see a brighter year ahead.

Longing for leasing to return to the level seen before pandemic

New-vehicle leasing has dropped by more than 36 percent during the pandemic, for a variety of reasons. But it's in the vested interests of the whole industry to restore leasing to its previous levels when production and inventory stabilize.

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