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Cybersecurity firm attracts OEM funding

Automotive cybersecurity threats are rising. Multiple OEMs are hoping an Israeli startup can help defend their cars.

Set aside politics and ratify USMCA

Bipartisan cooperation is rare in Washington, but Congress should vote on the NAFTA replacement and put industry fears to rest.

Number to watch: 1,617

According to Resilinc, the four most common causes of supply chain interruptions were factory fires, factory disruptions, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and company leadership transitions.

What reviewers are saying: New Corvette 'a car born to the task'

The first mid-engine Corvette isn't perfect, but it lives up to the hype, critics say.

Can Toyota catch up in battery-electric game?

Toyota spent the past three years methodically engineering a comprehensive catch-up plan on electric vehicles. Buoyed by a $10 billion r&d war chest, it's now poised to put the plan into action and make up for lost time.