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Industry sees threat to connected-car plans

Traffic safety advocates and transportation leaders are trying to protect a swath of the wireless spectrum for the auto industry in an effort to help vehicles in the connected-car future exchange safety messages and avoid crashes.

Aurora prizes independence in AV world

After its breakup with VW, Aurora began a fresh pairing with FCA, and VW apparently moved closer to a new tie-up with Ford that could reshape the autonomous-vehicle landscape.

Novelis makes a play for battery enclosures

Novelis has put an aluminum EV battery enclosure onto the market, offering a 50 percent reduction in weight.

Plenty of lessons from Fiat's U.S. stumble

Fiat's failure in the U.S. must be evaluated from a complex set of factors, including timing and strategy, to understand the lessons from FCA's mistakes.

Leaf Nismo RC: Nissan's lean, green, exciting road machine

Nissan is touting the performance chops of its zero-emission cars with a host of Nismo tuner packages on its Leaf and e-Power hybrid offerings.